Thư của Chủ tịch Nguyễn Văn Rinh gửi bà Trần Tố Nga

Thư của Chủ tịch Nguyễn Văn Rinh gửi bà Trần Tố Nga

Send Mrs Tran To Nga

Hanoi, September 25, 2020

Dear Mrs Tran To Nga,

I am very pleased to know that the Judges of the Magistrates Court of Evry has decided to hold a trial on October 12 to hear criminal actions of the 25 US companies that have damaged your health and your children’s. I hope that the justice of France will be properly exercised to protect you!

The Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, with its obligation to support Agent Orange victims and protect their legal rights, will always stand by you.

As you know, right from the beginning of the lawsuit, on June 13, 2014, VA VA issued a statement affirming our support for your case, calling on the Vietnamese people to support you and asking the Court of Evry to hear this case fairly and seriously for your protection. To date, we have collected 416,200 signatures of VAVA members and friends expressing their support for your lawsuit. And there are also hundreds of thousands of other signatures of Vietnamese people from many social strata, who are also accompanying you.

Through this letter, I once again would like to affirm our support for you and express our above-mentioned stand about the judgments on the crimes made by the US chemical companies during Vietnam War.

Your sincerely,


President of the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange